A sea breeze in marine style with Hublot Mode Marine

With the start of spring break, the brand new collection of the exclusive Hublot Mode Marine will be available as from Monday 4 March in the Bluesand stores. Maritime fashion is the new trend as from the beach to the centre of town with the Hublot Mode Marine collection.

Hublot Mode Marine offers excellent value for money

Hublot Mode Marine offers excellent quality casual wear with fresh colours and attractive prices. To ensure that the high-quality Hublot Mode Marine items stay looking as new as long as possible, be sure to wash them at 30° C. The Hublot Mode Marine raincoats will ensure you can embrace any kind of weather. Be sure therefore to go to the beach and include a visit to Bluesand. 

Hublot Mode Marine goes international 

Hublot Mode Marine was founded in 2001 with the production of marine clothing. Now, the French fashion label is conquering more and more international markets. The production of Hublot Mode Marine is mainly located in Europe and Asia. Both product quality and working conditions are monitored in relation to the production processes. Regular checks are performed with regard to this.  

Hublot Mode Marine, marine fashion with a twist 

Hublot Mode Marine takes both comfort and design into account with regard to its collections. Hublot Mode Marine puts true classics on the market, but with an innovative look and feel where the past, present and future are beautifully intertwined. This ensures that traditional marine clothing is given a creative and innovative twist. Hublot Mode Marine brings timeless fashion on to the market with always a marine and sporting look for the entire family.  

Hublot Mode Marine in all colours and with the Breton stripes

The Hublot Mode Marine collection offers a wide selection of colours, materials, designs and models. Their windproof and waterproof raincoats are characterised by the Breton striped lining. The Hublot Mode Marine raincoats are lined on the inside with soft fleece in the typical Breton grey and white striped design. The yellow and sailing raincoat are very popular in particular. Also discover the "Gold" subcollection of Hublot Mode Marine with a fun urban style. "Gold" ensures you wear sophisticated clothing with an ultrafine styles. 

Hublot Mode Marine, sports sponsor 

Hublot Mode Marine sponsors different athletes. They are the ambassadors of Hublot Mode Marine. Hublot Mode Marine is therefore very proud of the great performance of its athletes such as Daniel Jerent and Auriane Mallo in the fencing discipline and Marc-Antoine Rallier and Florian Vialelle who are rugby experts. You will be ready to achieve your greatest performance with Hublot Mode Marine.

Hublot Mode Marine is available for women, men and children

Hublot Mode Marine offers tailored clothing items for women, children and even babies and always within the world of marine fashion. Hublot Mode Marine is for everyone and for all ages. Be sure to check out the collections for men, women, boys, girls and babies of Hublot Mode Marine. You will find T-shirts, tops, T-shirts with short sleeves, T-shirts with long sleeves, shirts, polo shirts, reefer jackets, sweatshirts, sweaters, jackets, windcheaters, polar fleeces, raincoats, overcoats, down jackets, swimming trunks, rugs, dresses, skirts, shorts, Bermuda shorts, long trousers, overalls, cardigans, T-shirts with ¾ sleeves, leggings, wind jackets, romper suits, ensembles, tunics, jumpsuits and capes. The Hublot Mode Marine accessories consist of scarves, caps, bags, socks, flip-flops, espadrilles, headbands, tights and towels. In short, something for everyone! 

Do you like being informed about the latest developments? Hublot Mode Marine can be followed through their website and social media by vising Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest. At Bluesand you will, of course, always find the greatest and latest models.


All of the pictures of the collection displayed on this website are shown purely for information purposes.
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All of the pictures of the collection displayed on this website are shown purely for information purposes.
Visit one of our winkels to see the current Bluesand collections.